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Dealers or Collectors,

I'm inviting you on a personal tour of the largest privately owned self-sufficient museum of music in the world. I have close to 2,500,000 recordings in the archive. It includes 45 RPM's, 78 RPM's, cassettes, and albums. I have created a database known as "MUSICMASTER" with close to 700,000 titles. I would consided your visit to the museum an honor. Please call and confirm the time and date of your visit at 412.367.7330.

If you would like to help support the survival of the archive before your visit, just send a check or money order to the address below. After 41 years, it's time to locate a new home for my life's work.

When you come to buy, your minimum commitment will be $5,000 for a full day. That will be from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. You will send a $500 deposit to secure your date. A full credit will be issued with your archive confirmation by email. The cost of recordings you need will be:
45 RPM's Boxed Surplus Stock (New)
$5 each or 3 for $10
Archive 45 RPM's (New) Half Price
Albums Your Choice - Half Price
All terms are cash - no credit cards
Orders include shipping cartons
Each booking is for one day only
If you want more time, you must book it under the same terms.

We have been endorsed by experts in the field of musical history. Here are a few examples of their quotes over the years:

Dick Clark - American Bandstand
"This is a great source for information. A required reference (MUSICMASTER) for any serious music collector."

Alan Lorber - Record Producer - New York
"I found MUSICMASTER truly helpful and quite wonderful. From a music professional point of view, I was very impressed with the ease of researching and wealth of information."

Andy Linehan - Curator of Popular Music
British Library - London, England
MUSICMASTER is certainly an enormous work and I can only express great admiration for its detail and comprehensiveness. It should prove a valuable resource to researchers and members of the public who are interested in american popular music."

Charles Hamm - Professor of Music
Dartmouth College
Mawhinney is a true pathbreaker in attempting to apply (comprehensive information) to products of the rock era. It is a pleasure to report that the discography of the rock era has taken a giant step forward with the release of "MUSICMASTER". It is indispensable to reference libraries and scholars alike."

Gerald Parker - Head of the Recorded Sound Collection
National Library of Canada
"MUSICMASTER" is certainly a path breaking publication. A significant discographical resource."

Andrew Masich - President and CEO
John Heinz Pittsburgh Regional History Center
"What a great resource you have. Built upon your passion for preserving an important piece of american history. Your extraordinary collection is a national treasure. Few realize that the largest collectionin the United States, perhaps the world, is right here in our own back yard."

Mark S. Cerami - CEO
Priority Records
"All of us at Priority Records sincerely appreciate the use of your archives for our "Baby Boomer's Best" compact disc series. Without your help, it would have been impossible to complete our project and still maintain the quality for which our company strives."

Well, that should give you a good idea about what makes my clock tick. I would be thrilled to share my ability as the curator of such a collection with you. Please call and give me a specific day and time of your visit and we can arrange it. Thanks for your friendship and support.

Paul C Mawhinney
Owner and Curator



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